Using Yobber – as an employer

With Yobber you can post your job ad with video questions free of charge. You can then circulate and publish the ad as and when you want. With this service, you only pay for the applications that are of interest to you. Yobber is easy to use and provides a simple tool for creating and circulating your employment ads, while also making the task of processing applications even easier. 
See how it works here, step by step.

If you are in a hurry, try it for yourself to see how it works.

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1.Create your job ad and add video questions

Create an attractive and appealing ad by completing the form and uploading your company’s logo. You can also compose screening questions to help you sieve through applications and request attachments, such as CVs and covering letters. In addition, you can add someone to share recruitment responsibility, who can study all the material. Above all, you can include questions that the candidates must respond to in a video: this reveals something of their personality.

  • Simple, attractive and intuitive interface
  • Attractive, appealing and hassle-free ads
  • Help and tips for both screening and video questions
  • Add co-recruiters and share candidates by mail

2. Circulate and share your ad

Once your ad is ready, there are a variety of functions for circulating and publishing it on job portals, through your own channels and networks, and on social media. Publish your ad wherever you want at the touch of a button.

  • Submit the ad to leading job portals
  • Direct links for distribution using own channels and networks
  • Functions for linking to social media

Get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and wait!

You will be sent an e-mail as soon as the first application is received. While waiting for the rest, you can get familiar with the tool using our demo functions.

3. Sort, filter and screen

Your Yobber inbox will have filled up with applications submitted during the application period, and you now have plenty of time to choose potential candidates. The inbox enables you to sort and filter candidates based on your screening questions. This way you can be sure that you are selecting interesting applications to unlock during the next step.

  • Simple and intuitive interface – inbox with candidates
  • Sort and filter based on details and screening questions
  • Identify the right applications to unlock

4. Unlock applications and press Play

This is where the fun begins! Here you can unlock the applications that appear interesting and watch the video responses. Unlock one application at a time or several in one go. You can easily share candidates with your co-recruiters by e-mail.

  • Watch sharp and clear candidate videos on a smart video player
  • Share interesting candidates with co-recruiters
  • Sort and flag candidates as you would in your mailbox

5. Time to contact candidates and arrange interviews

What great candidates! The video responses and application documents should have given you a feel for the people behind the paper. Now you know who you want to take forward and who has been unsuccessful. You can easily contact your preferred candidates to arrange interviews and continue the process outside of Yobber. Contacting the people who have been unsuccessful is equally straightforward. All at the touch of a button!

  • Contact interesting candidates through the tool or directly
  • Notify any unsuccessful candidates using just one message
  • Congratulations on choosing a fairer recruitment process!

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