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With Yobber, we want to create a new way of bringing employers and job applicants together. A way to make something complicated a little bit easier. The idea is that you, as an employer, regardless of your experience of, or procedures for, recruitment can use Yobber to find the right person to employ in a smarter, quicker and cheaper way.
By adding video responses to traditional documents, we want to highlight the person behind the CV. It allows anyone applying for a job to be more than just words on paper and to speak for themselves from the initial screening. We think that this increases the value of an application and makes it fairer, both for the employer and for the job applicant.

Personality wins.

The Yobber story

– how a recruitment manager and 22 napkins led to Sweden’s most efficient recruitment service.

It is 1994 in Fittja just outside Stockholm. After a number of years working in various casual jobs, Serbian-born Wanja Otterud applies to become a trainee network engineer with IT company Semcon through the state-owned county labour board. Without having any previous IT experience or a particularly impressive CV, after a 20-minute interview he is successful in securing a position, having proved himself to be the right person for the job and demonstrating drive, commitment and personality.

Some time later, Wanja was headhunted by IT company Qbranch to become its recruitment manager. He was tasked with filling 150 positions in just one year. A high number of applicants, little time and demands for a successful outcome meant Wanja did what many people do in the same situation – he chose the applications that looked most promising. Unfortunately, the slimmest applications were not even given a chance. The administrative process was far from perfect; there was not even time to say thanks but no thanks.

Out of this situation, the concept of Yobber was born. The concept of being able to see and hear someone prior to interviewing them. Having the ability to ask a few open questions which the applicant answers in front of a camera, giving you a real indication of who that person really is.

In 2004, Wanja is sitting in a restaurant in Upplands-Väsby with 22 napkins spread out on the table in front of him. He has jotted down his thoughts on the pieces of paper and rings his friend and former colleague, IT entrepreneur, Staffan Dahlgren to discuss them. Initial development of the tool begins a short time later.

Over the years that follow, similar services are launched that also use video as an element in the recruitment process, but none of them seems yet to solve the problem and is able to make the breakthrough. Wanja draws the conclusion that if the tool is really going to be of use, the employer must be the person to ask the questions. A spontaneous recorded presentation is simply not enough for an assessment. The responses must be relevant to the employer. The tool must also be child-like in its simplicity, encouraging people to want to use it, whether they belong to an HR department or not.

During 2013 a lot of important pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the tool is christened Yobber, and the company Yobber AB is formed. Peter Röseberg is recruited as CEO, while marketing manager Brita Klingberg has already been involved in the project for some years. A new younger generation lives on the Internet and has grown up recording and sharing images and films. The labour market, media behaviour and Yobber’s technology have all developed in parallel with this.

Yobber conducts a survey of 450 employers and job applicants who assert that a CV is insufficient these days and that the problem is considered a major one by both parties. Employers think that it is difficult to judge an applicant based on a CV and covering letter and that these rarely reflect a person’s true personality. Applicants, for their part, are frustrated by not making it through to the interview stage and having an opportunity to speak for themselves and feel it is difficult to do justice to themselves on paper.

May 2014. Yobber launches its website. Selected employers from a variety of industries are trialling the service. It is a multi-election year and Europe is still feeling the effects of the economic crisis. Stefan Löfvén, party leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, takes part in a debate with Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on how more jobs can be created in the country. 500,000 people are crying out for work in Sweden, while employers are desperately seeking new employees with the right skills.

Yobber is being launched as a new way of more closely matching employers and applicants at an earlier stage in the recruitment process. Video responses increase the value of an application and enable the employer to make a more reliable assessment, which consequently reduces lead times, administration and costs. At the same time, applicants are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their personality and ambitions and make their voice heard in their initial application.

Yobber hopes in this way to improve the conditions for recruiting staff and applying for jobs in the future – ultimately increasing mobility on the labour market.

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