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A tool that simplifies and facilitates recruitment

What does a CV say about someone? Too little, in our opinion – and that of most people involved in recruitment. That is why we have created Yobber – a recruitment tool enabling job applicants to respond to video questions prepared by you, the employer.

Used alongside other job application documents, it gives you the ability to quickly and simply gauge the applicant’s personality, how they think and their level of commitment. The benefit to the applicant is being more than just a piece of paper.

How it works

Personality wins

Who can we help?

Anyone with recruitment requirements

What is Yobber?

  • A faster and more reliable selection method using video responses.
  • A simple web-based tool that doesn’t require training.
  • And you only pay for the candidates who are of interest to you.
  • Not a service for video CVs or unsolicited applications.
  • Not a job portal with a CV database and commercial ads.
  • No recruitment consultants.

Easier for you,
fairer for everyone

Yobber simplifies the process for anyone looking to recruit new people. However, that’s not our only reason for existing. Most people probably know how frustrating it can be not even getting to the interview stage. Or even receiving a response to their application.

We started Yobber having been in that position ourselves, both as an applicant and employer. We yearn to give everyone the chance to be more than just a piece of paper.

Personality wins.

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Experience a fairer
recruitment process

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